sunny payday loans

Sunny are the only lender who have a “No Fee” guarantee. All that you pay back with Sunny is the amount that you have borrowed plus interest. They charge no application fees, no late payment fees and no rollover fees, making them one of the most popular lenders out there.

Wizz Cash

Wizz Cash are one of our favourite short term loan lenders due to the fact, that you can pay your loan back in up to 3 months and with a very reasonable representative APR. Wizz Cash advertise their APR at 993% which makes them one of the lowest around. New customers can borrow up to £300.

Wageday Xpress
Wageday Xpress Direct Payday Loan Lenders

Wageday Xpress are a new weekly payday loan lender. Most payday lenders will take one lump sum on your payday, but with Wageday Xpress you can pay your loan back in weekly payments. This means that if you borrow £100 for 4 weeks, then you will be making 4 weekly payments of £31.25

WARNING!! Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to

Find A Payday – The Original Direct Payday Loan Lenders List


Find A Payday has been going for almost three years to bring you the latest Direct Payday Loan Lenders.

You can rely on us for your Payday Loan Lender as we work with people who are experts in the industry, so we know which Lenders are responsible and which are not.

The Direct Payday Loan Lenders we choose are genuine, we fully check them out on past customer experiences and ensure that they are the right lender for you.

We are always in touch with our payday loan lenders, so we know what lenders are right for you and which are not. What we don”t like are all these brokers popping up and spamming the hell out of the search engines. OK, some brokers are genuine, but they still use a Pingtree system that sends your details off to hundreds of lenders that you don’t know of.

There are also sites like us, who list Payday Loan Lenders, but not all of the lenders that they list are direct lenders……. They tend to throw a few brokers in.

So be safe, use us to find your lender and enter your details directly with the lender. You will then know that your personal details are safe and who you have given them to.

We have over 30 direct payday loan lenders for you to choose from.

Find A Payday is possibly one of the longest running Payday Loan Lender listing sites. Having started towards the end of 2011 as “Payday 4 U” our aim is to bring you the best chance of getting a Payday Loan without the need to use a broker.

Our list is always up-to-date with the current rates and payment options that the lenders offer.

If for some reason our list is not accurate, then please let us know by contacting us and a member of our team will put it right straight away.

We aim to provide the best option for you to find what you require. All our content is original and based on our opinion.
If you don’t want to look at a lender individually, then have a look at our comparison table. Our table lists all the lenders with APR and minimum & maximum loan amounts. We were the first payday loan listing website to launch a table like this, something that we thought would make it great for users.